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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duck Tape At Its Finest


So, I am long over due in updating on how my duct tape prom dress is doing. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but it is Marie Antoinette inspired. Of course considering it is duct tape and it is heavy, my dress will not be the extravagant and large ball gown that I original intended. Though it will be amazing. ;) As I finish up, I will post more pictures. Here is the latest of what it looks like as well as some potential colors I would love your opinion on.

Please keep in mind that these colors are darker than in person. The blue is for the ruffles in the front and the trimmings and bows I will add. The light ivory is for the rest of the dress. What do you think?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quiche Lorraine

Here's the Quiche Lorraine Me and My Mom Made!

It tastes super rich and creamy. I love it! Me and Mom made two and devoured them in a couple days. So, to anyone who is curious, here's the recipe:


  • 1 Pie crust
  • 6 lean bacon slices
  • 3/4 cup heavy cram, at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup milk, at room temperature
  • 3 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 Tbs. unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 cup shredded Gruyere cheese
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, and freshly grated nutmeg, to taste.


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. In a fry pan over medium-high heat, fry the bacon until crisp and golden, 3-5 minutes. Transfer to paper towels to drain. When cool enough to handle, crumble into small bits. Scatter the crumbled bacon over the bottom of the pastry shell.
  3. In a bowl, combine the cream, milk, eggs, and melted butter. Using a whisk or fork, beat until well blended. Stir in the cheese and season with salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Pour into the prepared pastry shell and sprinkle the top lightly with nutmeg.
  4. Bake until the custard is set and the tip of a knife inserted into the center of the custard comes out clean, 25-30 minutes. Remove from the oven and let stand for several minutes before serving.

**This recipe is from the William-Sonoma cooking class I am taking. This particular recipe is adapted from Celebrating the Pleasures of Cooking, by Chuck Williams (Time-Life Books, 1997)

A Class I Actually Enjoy! ;)

I really enjoy going to these weekly cooking classes with my Mom and her friends. I am going to try to upload a recipe I enjoy every week so keep looking.

Until next time,


Friday, April 2, 2010


Dinner turned out great! I'm so happy. :) Along with the quiche, me and my mom made chocolate pie. I'll post pictures tomorrow morning!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back on Track..... I hope

As the title states, I think that I may be able to actually get back on track with the multitude of things clogging up my busy schedule. Starting today, I am going to try to blog every day and finish up with my features. I'm so sorry they got dragged out like this!

So, I watched Julie & Julia recently and it got me really wanting to start cooking again. So, I'm going to. In an effort to start getting healthier and start back on something I really enjoy, I'm going to start posting the different recipes I'm trying and different things her in addition to my usual content.

I'm not starting my own Julie/Julia project, by the way. lol But feel free to comment with any input! :D

Tonight I'm cooking Quiche Lorraine tonight. I'll post pictures when I'm cooking!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry! :(

I haven't been posting anything lately and because of finals and everything else, I won't be posting anything until May. I promise I'm going to start up again. It's just taking me a while. Thank you for reading!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've been looking at some really cool web comics and I think that me and Gabby are going to make our own. I'm working on some sketches and we'll see what happens. When I have some character sketches finished, I'll post them.

For now, anyone got some good plot ideas? ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Finally getting the features going again! Sorry about the delay!

Today's Featured Seller?

Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Megan and I live in the frigid tundra plains known as North Dakota. I just graduated with degrees in art and creative writing and am now illustrating my first book. I love writing, pen and ink illustrations, and antique cameras.

What’s your day job?
Right now I'm working on illustrating an historical fiction book for a published author. It's my first commissioned project and I'm really learning a lot from the experience.

What was your inspiration to start creating?
My father used to oil paint and my parents have always encourage me to pursue my talents. It never occurred to me not to major in art.

What’s your process? How do you create your items?
I start with the barest of sketches. I love figuring out a piece as I ink it. It allows my subconscious to come in and play. I spend around 20-45 hours on each piece, meticulously inking the paper with crosshatching or stipling.

What is your favorite handmade possession?
I love buying artwork from people I have gotten to know through their blogs. I recently purchased a set of photographers from Rhianne from So Easily Distracted on Etsy and that's my favorite possession at the moment.

In closing, what would you like readers to know, specifically about your store and what you do?
I sometimes tell people that I was born 200 years too late to have my work appreciated. I love all things Victorian or Art Nouveau. Bringing fairy tales back to life with new interpretations (or simply retelling the Grimms way) is one of my greatest joys. It has been very inspiring to me to receive compliments from people who fall in love with my work. It makes me think that there is still a love for fairy tales and the old ways of illustrating.

Another fantastic artist with beautiful pieces! Thank you for reading! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Technical Difficulties Much?

You may have noticed that there was no Friday feature.

No, I haven't fallen of the face of the earth. Not that you were wondering. ;)

As I have stated in an early posting, I have had some really intense things going on with my family and I'm trying to just work on my school work and not worry so much. (no such luck) I have exams this week so I may not have time to post any of my features up right now, If I have not posted your feature yet, I will. I promise. I will send a convo when I post your feature. I may not start them up again until this Friday.

Thank you for your patience! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here are my new Alice in Wonderland inspired paintings. Not sure I'm going to put them on Etsy or not. Comment Please! :)

It's Raining Sunshine :)

Don't Ask
Honestly? I couldn't think of a title, so I suddenly started humming this song. Can't remember where it's from though... hmm.

Well, On To Business
As most of you can tell, I don't get a ton of comments around here. I contribute that mostly to my lack of content lately besides my lovely seller features. Well, as I am trying to turn that around, here's an incentive for you to comment.

Every week, five followers of this blog will get an item mentioned in a side bar here, and
on my Facebook page. What do you have to do to be considered?

Just comment with a URL to your shop here! Yay! That simple. ;) So, get commenting, and I'll get posting.

On A Final Note,
I know I promised Alice in Wonderland art last night but I had to get groceries and I was just so tired. Tonight, I promise!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Feature!

I Am So Sorry!
I am sorry I haven't posted anything here in so long! :/ I've had quite a week! My Grammy (my mother's mother) has been sick and we've all been very worried. She has to have surgery next week. *sigh*

**Thank you to everyone who continues to read, despite my lack of content lately!**

On To the Feature!
Today's Featured Seller?

Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Ellen Lyons Nagel. My husband and I live in Battle Ground, WA with our two adopted senior cats.

What's your day job?
My day job is a mix of working on my writing for children , housework and my two Etsy shops. http://www.lyonscreations.etsy.com/ and http://www.spiderwoodhollow.etsy.com/

What was your inspiration to start creating?
Since childhood, I was always doing some kind of art with my hands. About thirty years ago, I started a stained glass business called Lyons Creations in Glass. As most artists can relate, I gave away a lot of my creations before I actually started to make any money on them. Those early years were a learning process we have to go through to become so much better at what we do.

What’s your process? How do you create your items?
I started to make spiders and webs about five years ago. I loved these little bugs a lot. They were a hit right from the start. I use copper wire of different widths for the webs. Glass gems make up the spiders bodies. It is so much fun to make up the spiders. Each item is soldered together to give it strength and stability. I make them in many colors and different sizes. Recently, I started to make the webs with driftwood that my husband and I collected from the rivers and lakes near our home. These new creations are so natural looking. I even put moss on them to give them color.

What is your favorite handmade possession?
My favorite handcrafted possession is a 10" vintage doll with a full length crocheted pink walking dress and hat. She carries a little crocheted pony head on a stick ( the toy that little children ride to pretend they are riding a horse)and a tiny crocheted teddy bear. Little ribbon bows finish the bottom of the dress and the puffy sleeves. A lot of work went into this project.

What would you like readers to know about you and your store?
My spiders used to be sold in my Lyons Creations shop until about a month ago when I opened the Spiderwood Hollow shop. I moved all the webs and spiders except for two gold plated spider brooches.

I will make up custom spiders and webs so convo me. I am easy to talk to and would like to hear from you.

If you have a suggestion for me and I use that suggestion, I will let everyone know you were my inspiration. I will be sure to compensate you for your suggestion IF it sells. At that time, I will give you a gift certificate for the amount I sell the said item for, or if it is not a one of a kind, I will make up the said item for you.


I Love It....
It's always fun when we get an original and unique seller. ;) Though, all of the sellers I have chosen are unique and original, this particular seller's shop is very different.
Thank you for reading!
Tonight I will be putting up some new painting inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Please remember to comment with your opinions!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Feature!

Today's featured seller?

Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Virginia but I go by Ginya, and I use to be a buyer/ product development person in China so my name became Ginya, Queen of China...aka Queenginya, and no I am not Chinese but worked there for 5 years...

What’s your day job?
My day job (as she snickers into her coffee) I design products for giftware companies...or at least I did until the recession hit...

What was your inspiration to start creating?
I have always created, even when I was a kid...I was always looking at things and wondering what other things could be made from them. My inspriation comes from the object itself...I know it sounds cheesy but I look at an item and wait for it to 'tell' me what it wants to be. I got some awsome stuff that haven't 'told' me what to do yet.

What’s your process? How do you create your items?
the process I use, if you want to call it that, is to start with the found object and study it...then working from that I try other things with it, building it into a finished piece. Quite often I put together something and then pull it apart because it isn't exactly right.

What is your favorite handmade possession?
my favorite handmade possession...that is so hard, because for every piece that is in my ETSY shop, I keep at least 2. Right now, my favorite is a bracelet made from a brass escutcheon plate, some vintage buttons and onyx stones...last week I would have said some vintage button earrings...I can't wait till next week!!!

What would you like readers to know about you and your store?
I think I would like people to know that each piece in my shop has been thought out and carefully planned. I often go to craft stores to find people matching pendants and beads with chains and think...ok, that will be nice that you can experience creating...but is it creative? I want each piece of mine to be individual...no two peices will ever be the same. I have been requested to make items for wedding parties and had to refuse, because that is not what I am or what I do...having said that, I would LOVE the chance to make a special piece for a bride with her grandmothers old broken, well loved jewelry. How cool would that be?!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Feature!

Hello there! Here is my Wednesday Feature!

Today's seller?


About Myself
Hi! My name is Jamie, I live and grew up in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. I am a new mommy and just love being home with my little girl Rory. Oh, my darling husband lives here too! Lately we spend a lot of time at home since Rory is only 9 weeks old and it's really cold up here in the northeast.

My Day Job
I have the best job in the world! And that is taking care of my daughter. I quit my office job when I had her. So when Rory is napping I work on my crafts and my blog as well as cleaning the house, getting something to eat, sterilizing bottles, oh and trying to get an occasional shower in. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom I can really focus on my crafting and my etsy shop. I also put a lot of time into my blog because I enjoy writing and hope to inspire others.

My Inspiration
I take inspiration from everything I see, nature, fashion, books, magazines and now my daughter too. I have always been crafty, it runs in my family. I guess the idea to open an etsy shop came when I was preparing for my wedding. I decided that I would make each of my bridesmaids a necklace to match their gowns. They came out so good that I made a few more and some earrings and created a shop. Nothing sold though! Later I made myself a tote and had fun doing it so I started making more, so many that I couldn't possibly use them all myself so to keep my hobby alive I posted them in my shop and sold locally too. I've been posting my creations ever since.

Creative Process
My creative process varies because I don't make just one type of craft. I daydream a lot (which I always got in trouble for in school) and that is where I come up with many of my ideas. I keep a sketch book handy for fun and work so I can jot things down as they pop into my head. I am not able to follow patterns (weird, I know) unless I create them myself, which means I usually have to put a lot of thought into something and sketch it out before I can make it. I also take a lot of inspiration from other crafty, artsy people. I try never to copy anyone out of respect for their original ideas and hard work but I often take their creations and put a little twist of my own on them.

My Favorite Handmade Possession
My all time favorite handmade possession isn't one that I made. My grandmother made me a little bunny in a pretty dress with an apron when I was little. I kept it and have now passed it down to my daughter. I love it because she made it for me but also because it is not part of my family and hopefully it can be passed down for years to come.

For My Readers
I would like my readers to know that I make everything with love. Crafting has always been a part of my life and the fact that I can make things that other people enjoy completes a circle that started many years ago. I truly enjoy what I do and wish I had more time to do it. Always check back because you never know what I will come up with next!

If you would like to get more info about Jamie, read her blog here. http://www.mylazyapples.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Listings, Yay! :)

What Are Friends For?
My friend Randi, who modles for a ton of my pendant pictures (up this weekend), has just made a blog. I will be featuring her on Friday to help get her on her feet. Follow her! She's awesome! ;)

Here's the link:

Three New Pendants Today! Woohoo!
I posted three new pendants on Etsy today. I feel so accomplished.

Here are my newest pictures. Tell me what you think? :3

On Another Note:
I'm looking for fellow bloggers to feature on Fridays. If you would like to be considered, leave a comment here! :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Feature Fridays!

....But today is Saturday?

Let me explain. Starting next Friday, I will feature one Seller, a few items I like, and a blog, FB page, or other webbie. I will also feature one seller on Wednesdays. :o

Also, on the side, where my listings and followers are, will be two new sections:

Totally Awesome Sellers (those I love but didn't feature)

Featured Sellers

What do you think? Well I'm super busy and I am hoping to get at least five new pendants up this weekend so TTFN! ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Dosen't Even Begin Cover It


Once again I am at that point where I beg for forgiveness. I haven't put out any postings in so long! I have been doing homework, going to work, trying to get new pendants done, reading three novels for class, replying to a billion emails, dealing with 4 family birthdays in one weekend, and *takes a breath*, I've added another huge project to my pitifully small plate.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.

You may be thinking, 'what on earth is that?' I was too. I have mentioned before that I am a Chemical Engineering major, but I have a love for all things crafty and artsy. ;) A friend of mine knows that I also excel at fashion design and turned me on to this great opportunity. Have you figured it out yet?

The contest? Make you and your date's outfits for prom out of duct tape.

Oh yes, you didn't read that wrong. My latest undertaking is to make a dress for me and a suit for my boyfriend completely out of duct tape. :3 I must be crazy. I've already started this long and tedious process and, surprisingly enough, it's been fun and in two days I'm half done with my dress. It is going to be a ball gown inspired by the fashion of Marie Antoinette. Yep, that confirms it, I must be losing it. (by the way, obviously I'm not in high school, but my boyfriend of two years is. Just to clarify. :D ) My Dad laughed when he heard I was doing this, after his initial reaction of becoming pale and asking me about my grades. *laughs*

Well, wish me luck!

What, you thought I wouldn't give you a picture of my progress? I'm not that cruel! ;) It's kinda bad quality since I took the picture with my phone. Tell me what you think!

Yes, it's all silver right now. I'm painting it later. :)

Here's the link to the Stuck at Prom Website:

From the last entry:

Want to see more Owls that posted just a little too late on the forum?

Here's the link to tuns of super cute and cool Owls!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hoot Hoot!

Today's theme? You have one guess.

Owls! Yay! Owls are my favorite animal and I decided to post a forrum on Etsy calling on anyone making Owl themed things. I have gotten some great Owl listings in and here they are! :D

From: theatticshop
The Owl Hollow Vintage Jelly Belly and Copper Assemblage Necklace

Cute Little Wise Owl Woodburned Wall Art Panel - vibrant orange

Cute Medium Wise Owl Woodburned Wall Plaque - Chocolate Brown

From: GiftsAndTalents
Recipe Card Box MADE TO ORDER Decoupaged SEE LISTING

From: aloucreations
Who Gives A Hoot- On Orange - Birthday Card

From: snowy652
mini owl cards - set of 6 - with envelopes - adorable

From: tomroche
OWL Cutting Board

From: wigglysee
Oliver Owl - amigurumi crochet

Thanks to everyone who went on my forum. This was super fun! :)

If more come in, I will post them.

On a final note: I live in south Louisiana and it snowed today! I've never seen it snow on a Mardi Gras parade before. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy


I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. I have been super busy with school and preparing for our huge superbowl party. I live in Baton Rouge and my Dad lived in New Orleans when he was a kid, so we are huge Saints fans. Me, my boyfriend, and my brother all had matching homemade Saints shirts. :)

Finally got some close ups done! :) Here they are:

Tell me what you think? :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feel the LOVE

I usually don't like all caps.
Usually not my thing but I think I can make an exception. :D

An Etsy member featured my Blue and Green Pendant in their blog! How cool is that? I am so excited. I think getting on the forums, and writing here has really helped my exposure. :)

Here is the link to the blog:

I'm really super busy with homework so this is a super short entry.

On another note...
I would love to feature Artists/Sellers here in my blog. If you would like to be featured, leave a comment here or convo me!

Thanks for reading!^_^

A New Week, Another Chance to Not Fail at Life :)

As stated above, I have a problem with 'failing at life', as my friends and I call it. My friends and I went to public schools that cared more about the football team than academics (even though my team hadn't won in three years! T-T). So, I breezed through high school without a care in the world, and didn't study a single day.

Until now, that is. Now I have to study every day and keep a very close eye on all of my projects and homework. This is because I did very poorly last semester and now I have to pull up my GPA before I can get my scholarship back. *sigh* Wish me luck! ;)

Now on to some Etsy business. :D

I am very happy to say that one of my pendants have finaly sold. :D My first jewelry sale! Well I am still trying to get better images up on Etsy but I won't be finished with all of the pictures till about next weekend. *sigh* When one lives in two places, one always forgets something.

Also, Valentines themed pendants will be going on Etsy tomarrrow! Yay!

Today's Etsy finds:

I don't know about you, but I LOVE animails. So this morning's is all cat themed. Enjoy these delightful cats!

Buy Two Get One Free Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland Bottle Cap Pendant

Retro Style Black Kitty Cat Clock Pendant with moving tail

Your Opinion Please?
On a final note, please let my know what you think about my silhouette plate, because I am thinking of selling sets of them. Leave a comment or convo me. Thanks! :)