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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Feature Fridays!

....But today is Saturday?

Let me explain. Starting next Friday, I will feature one Seller, a few items I like, and a blog, FB page, or other webbie. I will also feature one seller on Wednesdays. :o

Also, on the side, where my listings and followers are, will be two new sections:

Totally Awesome Sellers (those I love but didn't feature)

Featured Sellers

What do you think? Well I'm super busy and I am hoping to get at least five new pendants up this weekend so TTFN! ;)


  1. I am thinking that I would love to be a featured seller on your site! Love your pendants and happy to be following your blog!


  2. Thank you! :D I have already chosen the sellers for the next three weeks but I will put up another forrum next month, to choose more sellers for features.