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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hoot Hoot!

Today's theme? You have one guess.

Owls! Yay! Owls are my favorite animal and I decided to post a forrum on Etsy calling on anyone making Owl themed things. I have gotten some great Owl listings in and here they are! :D

From: theatticshop
The Owl Hollow Vintage Jelly Belly and Copper Assemblage Necklace

Cute Little Wise Owl Woodburned Wall Art Panel - vibrant orange

Cute Medium Wise Owl Woodburned Wall Plaque - Chocolate Brown

From: GiftsAndTalents
Recipe Card Box MADE TO ORDER Decoupaged SEE LISTING

From: aloucreations
Who Gives A Hoot- On Orange - Birthday Card

From: snowy652
mini owl cards - set of 6 - with envelopes - adorable

From: tomroche
OWL Cutting Board

From: wigglysee
Oliver Owl - amigurumi crochet

Thanks to everyone who went on my forum. This was super fun! :)

If more come in, I will post them.

On a final note: I live in south Louisiana and it snowed today! I've never seen it snow on a Mardi Gras parade before. :)