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Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Dosen't Even Begin Cover It


Once again I am at that point where I beg for forgiveness. I haven't put out any postings in so long! I have been doing homework, going to work, trying to get new pendants done, reading three novels for class, replying to a billion emails, dealing with 4 family birthdays in one weekend, and *takes a breath*, I've added another huge project to my pitifully small plate.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.

You may be thinking, 'what on earth is that?' I was too. I have mentioned before that I am a Chemical Engineering major, but I have a love for all things crafty and artsy. ;) A friend of mine knows that I also excel at fashion design and turned me on to this great opportunity. Have you figured it out yet?

The contest? Make you and your date's outfits for prom out of duct tape.

Oh yes, you didn't read that wrong. My latest undertaking is to make a dress for me and a suit for my boyfriend completely out of duct tape. :3 I must be crazy. I've already started this long and tedious process and, surprisingly enough, it's been fun and in two days I'm half done with my dress. It is going to be a ball gown inspired by the fashion of Marie Antoinette. Yep, that confirms it, I must be losing it. (by the way, obviously I'm not in high school, but my boyfriend of two years is. Just to clarify. :D ) My Dad laughed when he heard I was doing this, after his initial reaction of becoming pale and asking me about my grades. *laughs*

Well, wish me luck!

What, you thought I wouldn't give you a picture of my progress? I'm not that cruel! ;) It's kinda bad quality since I took the picture with my phone. Tell me what you think!

Yes, it's all silver right now. I'm painting it later. :)

Here's the link to the Stuck at Prom Website:

From the last entry:

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  1. Aww, I can't see the picture!! :(
    I will come back and check later! Sounds like fun!! Hang in there! Eventually you will be able to relax, at least I hope you will! I am waiting for some R&R myself, LOL!

    Come and check out my Fun Friday Feature on my blog if you have a chance :)

  2. I like your feature, super cool and cute! :)

    Thanks, I hope to relax next weekend. And I am so sleeping in tomarrow! XD

    I think I fixed the picture. I hope you can see it now! :)

  3. Dang, I can't see it either. I'll drop by later.

  4. It looks like the URL for the photo is a link to an email?


    Which is why it won't display. You'll have to host it somewhere else, like Flickr or Picassa.

    I'd love to see how it is going. I've been building a duct tape corset, myself, but I've been a bit sidetracked and still need to add the grommets and lacing.


  5. I think I fixed it! :D Hope you all can see it! ;)

  6. do you watch Project Runway? This sounds like one of their challenges. Your dress looks gorgeous, btw.

  7. Thank you! :o

    I LOVE project runway! I must say some of the dresses I have made for myself were inspired by thier challenges. And yes, it does sound like something they would do. lol

  8. This piece is awesome and so very creative. I can't blieve you did that. Just awesome. Can't wait to see it painted. :-)

  9. I'm making the skirt this weekend. I post pictures when I do. ;)