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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Feature!

I Am So Sorry!
I am sorry I haven't posted anything here in so long! :/ I've had quite a week! My Grammy (my mother's mother) has been sick and we've all been very worried. She has to have surgery next week. *sigh*

**Thank you to everyone who continues to read, despite my lack of content lately!**

On To the Feature!
Today's Featured Seller?

Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Ellen Lyons Nagel. My husband and I live in Battle Ground, WA with our two adopted senior cats.

What's your day job?
My day job is a mix of working on my writing for children , housework and my two Etsy shops. http://www.lyonscreations.etsy.com/ and http://www.spiderwoodhollow.etsy.com/

What was your inspiration to start creating?
Since childhood, I was always doing some kind of art with my hands. About thirty years ago, I started a stained glass business called Lyons Creations in Glass. As most artists can relate, I gave away a lot of my creations before I actually started to make any money on them. Those early years were a learning process we have to go through to become so much better at what we do.

What’s your process? How do you create your items?
I started to make spiders and webs about five years ago. I loved these little bugs a lot. They were a hit right from the start. I use copper wire of different widths for the webs. Glass gems make up the spiders bodies. It is so much fun to make up the spiders. Each item is soldered together to give it strength and stability. I make them in many colors and different sizes. Recently, I started to make the webs with driftwood that my husband and I collected from the rivers and lakes near our home. These new creations are so natural looking. I even put moss on them to give them color.

What is your favorite handmade possession?
My favorite handcrafted possession is a 10" vintage doll with a full length crocheted pink walking dress and hat. She carries a little crocheted pony head on a stick ( the toy that little children ride to pretend they are riding a horse)and a tiny crocheted teddy bear. Little ribbon bows finish the bottom of the dress and the puffy sleeves. A lot of work went into this project.

What would you like readers to know about you and your store?
My spiders used to be sold in my Lyons Creations shop until about a month ago when I opened the Spiderwood Hollow shop. I moved all the webs and spiders except for two gold plated spider brooches.

I will make up custom spiders and webs so convo me. I am easy to talk to and would like to hear from you.

If you have a suggestion for me and I use that suggestion, I will let everyone know you were my inspiration. I will be sure to compensate you for your suggestion IF it sells. At that time, I will give you a gift certificate for the amount I sell the said item for, or if it is not a one of a kind, I will make up the said item for you.


I Love It....
It's always fun when we get an original and unique seller. ;) Though, all of the sellers I have chosen are unique and original, this particular seller's shop is very different.
Thank you for reading!
Tonight I will be putting up some new painting inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Please remember to comment with your opinions!

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