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Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlights, Giveaways, and more

So every friday I think I will have a Artist/Seller spotlight every Friday. I will show off things I find around the site and things other people point out to me. Todays is going to be a feature and a giveaway listing!

This brings us to the Giveaway. I will write about any giveaways that I have information on when they come up.

KM Studio is haveing a giveaway via her livejournal page.
The giveaway features her super kawaii Hello Kitty Christmas Ornament!

Click the LJ link above for the rules and requirments for entering. Good luck!
Here are some items from her shop!

Click here to visit her shop!

Okey dokey, next, I know I said on my FB page and on Etsy that this weekend I was going to post a video on how I make my pendants, but I don't know if that is going to happen. :( It's been really stormy out here and I have had to study. :P
We'll see what happens.

On a different note, I will be putting up a new SET of pendants tonight. These will be polka dot style in Orange/Red, Blue, and Green. They are super cute. Here's what they look like:

What do you think? :D I am working on making some heart shaped pendants but it is very difficult. I hope I can figure it out. :)
Also, I make 'Utensil Lamps' and these cool silhouette plates. What do you think of them? ^_^

Do you think the plate would sell? If I sold them in different colors?
Thanks for reading! ;)

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